Product Review: Trader Joe's Rye-less Rye

I have run across Trader Joe’s Rye-Less Rye more times than I can count at Trader Joe’s.  This is because I buy the Trader Joe’s French Rolls on a regular basis.  I had always been scared (LOL) to buy the Rye-less Rye, but took the plunge a week or so ago.  It was $3.49/loaf and Trader Joe’s is really good about taking back stuff (and giving a store credit) for things that you don’t like or aren’t up to your expectations.  I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by this bread.  Yes, you have to toast it.  Also, I put my loaf directly into the freezer so that it would keep, as I would never eat it all before the date stamped on the package.  Now I enjoy in various ways, a piece or 2 at a time.  The bread toasts up wonderfully and has that “rye” taste that I remember from my pre-gluten-free days.  The texture is amazing.  The only thing negative I have to say about this bread is that the pieces aren’t bigger.  I am not talking thickness of slice here, but size of the slice.  These are relatively small, way too small for a lunch-sized sandwich, in my opinion.  Of course, I am a big eater, so maybe for someone with a smaller appetite, this bread would work perfectly for sandwiches.  Being the creative person that I am…LOL…I have found many other uses for this bread.  Here is my “after dinner rye-less rye”, complete with strawberry fruit spread & some chocolate chips (BTW, those are regular size chocolate chips, so you can get an idea of the size of the bread):


Some other uses are with peanut butter or almond butter as a snack, with butter with a meal, with cream cheese as a snack or with a meal.  You could use these for appetizers, too.  Maybe cut each slice in make Crostini

I would absolutely buy this product again and again.  Highly recommend.


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