Gluten-Free Salad Challenge ~ Day 1

Salad for lunch!  YUM!  Here is my yummy creation that I made for lunch today.  I used leftovers from dinner last night. 

~ 2-3 cups mixed greens (spinach, arugula & romaine)

~1 Roma tomato

~ 1/4 large cucumber

~ 1/4 cup white corn

~ 1/4 cup black beans

~ 1/4 cup ground turkey taco meat

~ some leftover steamed broccoli, chopped

~ 1/4 brown basmati rice

~ small amount of shredded cheddar

~ a few crushed Baked Tostito’s Scoops

~ some light Ranch & Frank’s Red Hot drizzled on top



Yum!!  What a filling lunch!  I also had a small handful of Tostito’s Scoops on the side. 

What did you all have?  I will probably have a side salad for dinner to go with our Filet Mignon.  Not sure what I will put in it yet, but I am loving coming up with new ideas!

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