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    Gluten Free Salad Challenge Day #5

    One might think that I could be getting tired of my salad challenge, but I am not.  I am loving it!  I am putting things in my salad that I would not have put in before and that is great. I have a lot of great ideas for the upcoming week, too!

    Today’s salad was similar to the one I made the other day with blackberries, but still different.

    ~ 2-3 handfuls of Romaine & Spinach

    ~1 chopped Roma Tomato

    ~ 1/2 chopped yellow squash

    ~chopped carrots

    ~chopped radishes

    ~chopped broccoli

    ~ chopped mushrooms

    ~1TBSP or so of organic raw pine nuts

    ~1TBSp or so of goat cheese

    ~ drizzle of balsamic vinaigrette

    ~handful of strawberries (another new thing for me!)

    Excellent!  I am SO loving fruit in my salads!  What the heck have I been thinking not putting fruit in my salad for so long?  I have a bunch of oranges to go through, so look for those to make an appearance in my salads this week, too!


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