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    Product Review: Kinnikinnick Many Wonder Multi-grain Rice Bread

    I ordered this bread a week or so ago when I placed an order for some surprise treats for Jon.  I have been looking for a good rye-like bread, and while I like Trader Joe’s, it isn’t sandwich-worthy (pieces are way too small).  Yesterday for lunch I decided to make a yummy sandwich out of it.  I toasted up 2 pieces of bread and put some roast chicken, provolone, Frank’s Red Hot & lettuce between the pieces.  I was very impressed by the taste & texture of this bread.  While it didn’t have a rye-like taste, it did have a very nice multi-grain flavor.  There was no crumbling or grittiness that you get from lots of rice breads.  The texture was very close to that I remember of gluten-filled breads that were toasted.  I have not tried packing this bread for lunch and then eating it later yet, so I am not sure how that would work out.  This bread is a definite order again on my list. 

    The nutritional content is decent per slice in this bread as well:

    Calories:  90

    Total Fat:  3.5g

    Sodium: 120mg

    Total Carbohydrates: 18g

    Fiber : 3g

    Sugars: 2g

    Protein: 2g




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