Uno's Chicago Grill ~ A Birthday Celebration

Last night we went to Uno’s Chicago Grill to celebrate Jon’s 13th birthday with my Dad, Step Mom ~ Christy & Regan.  Jon picked the place, of course, he loves the gluten-free pizza they have.  I wasn’t going to argue!  I called ahead to make sure they had some made up (they do all the prep for the gluten-free pizzas in the AM so that they can avoid cross-contamination….they get this whole GF thing!).  They did.  They have a new printed GF menu and they now have Red Bridge, a gluten-free beer!!  WOOHOO!!!  Pizza & beer, it doesn’t get better than that!  Of course I ordered a glass of Merlot…LOL!  I am such a woman. 

Jon & I ordered the gluten-free pepperoni pizza.  I would have preferred the veggie, but I caved since it was his birthday celebration.  I also ordered a house salad & steamed broccoli (a girl has to get her veggies somewhere!).  Jon had the Caesar salad and he didn’t care for it.  Normally he likes Caesar salads, but he said it tasted “too fishy”.  Well, they probably made the dressing with anchovy paste, you think?  LOL!  Aaron took it off of his hands for him.  šŸ™‚ 

Below, I present, Gluten-Free Heaven:


The girls (Hannah & Regan) ordered Make-Your-Own-Pizzas.  It was cute.  The waitress brought them out pizza dough with the sauce for them to spread & cheese for them to add.  They had fun, though Hannah had Daddy spread her sauce.


Now she is ready to do the cheese!


Regan making her pizza:


Jon getting his b-day present.  What more could a 13-year old boy want?  GF Pizza & Best Buy Gift Cards!  He is set!


The group, from left, Aaron, Me, Christy, & my Dad. 



We had a wonderful time!!  Thanks Dad, Christy & Regan for an awesome dinner!  Thanks Uno’s for catering to those of us who have to follow a gluten-free diet to stay healthy.  We will be going back. 

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