A Little Slice of Gluten-Free Heaven

Today is Cinco de Mayo!  YAY!  But, that is not what I am here to blog about.  Oh no.  There is something much more exciting going on in the gluten-free world than Mexican food & margaritas (I know, hard to believe, right?).  Today is the launch of Starbuck’s Gluten-Free Valencia Orange Cake!!!  I have been waiting for this day since I first heard about the cake. How freaking exciting!  Can you tell I am excited?  The number of places offering gluten-free food/products is growing so fast.  When I first went gluten-free back in January 2006, there weren’t nearly as many options as there are out there now. 


I hit up Starbuck’s at 6 AM, right after my trip to the gym.  I didn’t care that I was sweaty & stinky, I just wanted my gluten-free slice of heaven and a Grande Decaf.  I was impressed that they had a whole tray of samples out!  I sampled a small piece right there.  I immediately tasted the orange and noticed how moist the cake was.  I was very impressed.  Awesome flavor & texture.  Truly, heaven.  I bought 2, one for me, one for Jon.  They only cost $1.95!!  Can you believe that??  I commented on that to the guy working the counter and he said that they were in line with the rest of their baked goods.  I explained that gluten-free items are usually more expensive, but don’t take that as an opportunity to raise the price on me. 😉  He said that he had never tried anything gluten-free before, but did try this cake and thought it was very good. 

The cakes are 290 calories, 16 grams of fat, 4 grams of fiber and 9 grams of protein.   I was shocked that it had so much protein, but then saw that whole eggs were the first ingredient.  Jon ate his for breakfast and loved every minute of it.  He seriously sat at the table oohing & ahhing over each & every bite.  I should have videoed it! 



So, if you have a chance today, head to your closest Starbuck’s and pick up your own little slice of gluten-free heaven!   I see a lot more of these in my future!  Good thing my Starbuck’s is right next to my gym so I can go run off the cake!  LOL!

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