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Cookie Madness–Recipes

Didn’t mean to leave you all hanging the other day with those pictures of cookies and no recipes, but it was “Wordless Wednesday”.  Today I am sharing all of the links so you won’t be without the yummy goodness for too long. 

Gingersnaps Spritz Cookies Almond Cranberry Bites Gingerbread People – I can’t [...]

Wordless Wednesday–Gluten-Free Christmas Cookie Edition


Review: Minnie Beasley’s Almond Lace Cookies

It is no secret that we love cookies here in our house.  Jon’s nose can detect cookies the minute they hit the oven and he is front & center begging for a cookie before they are done baking.  It is all I can do most days to keep him away until they cool enough to [...]

Product Review: Jovial Cookies & Pasta

There are new gluten-free brands popping up all over the place these days.  I have many favorites that I like to stick with, but I can’t help branching out to try these new brands, as some are debuting some pretty phenomenal stuff.

We all know that gluten-free pasta is either good or bad, and there [...]

"C" is for Cookie…….

Not only is “C” for Cookie, but for Chocolate Chip Cookie! I have been wanting to make these for well over a week and I finally remembered to get sugar when I was out today. I absolutely love Chocolate Chip Cookies, as do Jon, Hannah and Aaron. Being the wonderful person that I am, I [...]