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Summer – June 18, 2012 Menu Plan

Now that vacation is over, it is time to enjoy the lazy days of summer!  Jon is away at camp, so that leaves Hannah and me.  Hannah has lots of great ideas for things to do this summer – some of those things include:

Pool Summer reading program with the library – she is already [...]

Menu Plan–First Week of June

School is out for summer!  I now have a 5th grader and a junior in high school!!  Where did my babies go?  I am looking forward to lazy days at the pool and not being on as strict of a schedule for running and working out.  Mama needs some more of this, too:

This [...]

Memorial Day Weekly Menu Plan

Last Tuesday I went to the allergist.  I hadn’t planned on going so soon, but they had a cancellation the day I called to see if I could get in towards the end of June.  I have been a itching regardless of the allergy medicine I have been taking, so I had to do something.  [...]

Weekly Menu Plan–May 20, 2012

Phew, what a week!  I am DONE with studying and can relax and enjoy the upcoming summer with the kids!  I am excited to focus on writing, hanging at the pool, baking and practicing my new personal trainer techniques on some guinea pig friends.  This past week included this:

and a little too much [...]

Weekly Menu Plan–May 14, 2012

Four more days!!  I take my NASM CPT exam on Thursday and all of the craziness will hopefully cease to exist.  If I pass, I will celebrate.  If I fail, I’ll cry and register to retake my exam at the end of June.  I know that I am doing the best that I can and [...]

Weekly Menu Plan–May 6, 2012

Coming off an exciting weekend and time to get back down to business. My laptop is fixed, my race has been run, time to study! Meals for the next 10 days need to be simple and easy and will probably involve a glass of this:

Only a few weeks of school left for the [...]

Weekly Menu Plan–April 30, 2012

Busy week ahead!  Celiac Disease Awareness Month kicks off tomorrow, so be sure to check back for an exciting gluten-free giveaway!  I think the weather here is finally stabilizing.  We had an abnormally warm winter, then it got chilly in April, which was quite the shock to the system after 80s in March.  Lots [...]

Earth Day Menu Plan

Today is Earth Day.  I checked in on my post and pledges from Earth Day 2011 to review how I did.  I think that we did pretty well, but there are definitely places were we can improve. 


Also today, I am running the Earth Day Challenge Half Marathon.  I am carpooling [...]

Happy Easter!

My kids are still in bed, can you believe it? I expect it from the teenager, but Hannah is usually up at the crack of dawn. Perhaps the Zyrtec she began taking this week is making her drowsy. No complaints from me – a little extra quiet time to drink my coffee get some [...]

Gluten-Free Weekly Meal Plan–April 1, 2012

Did you play any April Fools’ jokes on your friends or family? I came home from my 4 mile run and told Aaron that I ran 20 miles and he looked at me like I was nuts, especially since I had just run 11 miles the day before. I excitedly said “April Fools!”, but he [...]