Gluten-Free Nuggets

Hehehe…that title made me giggle.  Clearly I am easily amused today.  There are several things making me happy.

  • It is Friday
  • A special package from Kinnikinnick yesterday that I am hiding from Jon.  SHH!
  • New gluten-free products are coming out soon.
  • Gluten-free pasta was mentioned in Cooking Light.

What are you doing with your Friday?  I see an early bedtime for me – last long run tomorrow before the Columbus Half Marathon.  Exciting, right?  I do have a quick Friday Five for you, though. 

1. Favorite non-alcoholic beverage – coffee

2. Favorite candy – love dark chocolate, but I have a small obsession with jelly beans lately

3. Favorite cookie – thumbprint

4. Favorite pie – tie between apple & pumpkin

5. Favorite cake/frosting – carrot cake with cream cheese frosting

Share your favorites below in the comments!

Some of the new gluten-free products that I have caught mention of lately are gluten-free egg rolls (YEP!) from Feel Good Foods and Udi’s gluten-free  is debuted some new products (pizza, improved cinnamon rolls & muffin tops) at Expo East that will hopefully be out by the end of the year.  I will share more information when I have it, but thought you would like to know. 

I was browsing through my Cooking Light magazine this morning while I was on the treadmill and found gluten-free pasta mentioned in their “Taste Test Awards”.  They rated Jovial pasta as the “grand prize winner” and Tinkyada as the “Taste Test Award”. 

010 (640x427)

I love seeing gluten-free things in mainstream magazines!  Kudos, Cooking Light! 

Don’t forget to enter the Rice Select giveaway!   The contest is open until Monday, October 3, 2011 at midnight EST. 


Review: Melt Buttery Spread

Have you heard of Melt Buttery Spread?  I hadn’t until I received an email asking if I would be interested in sampling & reviewing the spread.  First, I headed off to the website to learn more about the product.

Rich & Creamy Melt® is a great tasting, organic butter alternative that supports healthy weight when replacing other fats in your daily diet. Melt is the perfect blend of the healthiest fats and gluten-free oils that we’ve carefully chosen for you. Melt is a rich source of Medium Chain Fatty Acids (the “good” fats) that your body burns as energy instead of storing as fat, thereby boosting metabolism.

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
Organic virgin coconut oil (VCO) is possibly the healthiest, most versatile, unprocessed dietary oil. VCO is a stable, healthy saturated fat that does not elevate undesirable (LDL) cholesterol: VCO has no trans fats or cholesterol. It is rich in plant-based, healthy saturated fats called Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFAs), which are not immediately stored as fat but are used for energy.VCO is also nature’s most abundant source of lauric acid, shown to reduce symptoms of digestive disorders; support overall immune functions; and help fight bacterial, viral, and fungal infections. Extensive dietary research indicates components found in organic virgin coconut oil may boost metabolism, increase thyroid activity, promote weight loss, and provide optimal nutrient absorption. Plus, coconut oil has a similar melt point to butter making it ideal for baking and cooking.

Organic Flaxseed Oil
One of the best sources of Omega‐3s available. Over the past 60 years, clinical research has linked life‐threatening diseases such as obesity, some forms of cancer, heart disease, and Diabetes Type II with a chronic deficiency of dietary Omega‐3 essential fatty acids. Flaxseed oil has the highest concentration of Omega‐3 in the plant kingdom and eating it can reverse Omega‐3 deficiencies common in the American diet. Organic flaxseed oil is an essential component of Melt® and ensures that every serving delivers the perfect balance of Omega 6s and Omega 3s, a ratio of 2:1.

Organic Palm Fruit Oil
Produced from the fruit of the palm not the palm’s kernel, palm fruit oil contains very high amounts of carotenoids (13 to 15 times more than carrots and 40 to 50 times more than tomatoes)  the antioxidants that our bodies convert to Vitamin A. In addition to supporting the immune system, heart health and good vision, Vitamin A may also provide protection from free-radical damage that some studies have linked to cancer. Palm fruit oil is also a good source of Vitamin E due to its high levels of tocopherols and tocotrienols, which are effective in removing damaging oxygen-free radicals from our bodies. Plus, palm fruit oil is odorless and tasteless, making it ideal for healthy baking and cooking.

Organic Canola Oil
Canola oil, which is made from the crushed seeds of the canola plant, has the lowest saturated fat content of any oil commonly consumed in the U.S., at just 7%. Canola oil is a specifically bred (not genetically modified) variety of Rapeseed. It is an excellent source of the Omega-6 fatty acid, Linoleic acid, and Omega-3 fatty acid, Alpha-Linoleic Acid (ALA). These fats are particularly important because our bodies cannot produce them. Studies show that ALA may help protect the heart through its effect on blood pressure, cholesterol, and inflammation. Because of its light flavor and smooth texture, canola oil is one of the most versatile cooking oils.

Melt is gluten- and soy-free.  It is not vegan or dairy-free.  I couldn’t wait to try Melt on my next gluten-free bagel or slice of cinnamon raisin toast.  First I tried it on my bagel and loved it!  Then, the toast – loved that too!  The real test was other people – specifically, Hannah’s friends.  We used the Melt Buttery Spread to make garlic cheese bread at her sleepover this past weekend and were met with rave reviews!!!

005 (640x427)

I was hoping for leftovers and sadly there weren’t any.

Melt can be used in place of butter in cooking & baking.  Read below for some tips:

Tips for Cooking and Baking with Melt®
Try Melt® as a healthy alternative in all your cooking and baking! Because of its stability under heat (smoke point 350°F), Melt is slow to breakdown and oxidize making it ideal for baking and sautéing. Melt can be spread on hearty breads, melted over vegetables, or used just like olive oil or butter in your favorite recipes.


  • Blend Melt with chives for a great potato topper.
  • Sauté nuts in Melt for a perfect salad, casserole or sundae topping.
  • Dollop Melt on hot steamy vegetables.


  • Sauté garlic and ginger in Melt, stir in a tablespoon of chili oil – then add to your favorite stir fry, curry or Thai recipe.
  • Drizzle Melt over grilled chicken, fish, vegetables or fruit instead of olive oil.
  • Toss pasta in Melt instead of butter or olive oil.


  • Great for pie crusts or pastries! Measure Melt, place in freezer for 15 minutes prior to use in baking – this firms to make it easier to cut into crusts, scones, pastries, etc.
  • Substitute Melt for butter in your favorite graham cracker crust.
  • Use Melt in any bar or cookie recipe. We love it for our Naughty Granola Bars!


  • Microwave Melt 15 seconds for artichoke dipping.
  • Heat Melt with fresh lemon as a dipping sauce for shrimp, crab, clams or lobster.


  • Pop popcorn in melt instead of oil for a delicious buttery flavor without the guilt.
  • Drizzle Melt over your favorite popcorn.
  • Blend Melt with your favorite spices for a savory popcorn treat.


  • Give your favorite dishes a delicious sweetness by topping them with Melt.
  • Blend cinnamon, brown sugar and nutmeg to Melt for a tasty sweet potato topping.

Just like butter, it is important to heat Melt slowly and not allow it to reach extremely high temperatures.

Want to win a dinner party for you and 10 friends?  Check this out:

Enter to win a $500 VISA gift card towards your Mingle With Melt dinner party from Rich & Creamy Melt® Buttery Spread!

Enter to win a chic, foodie evening-in with friends from Rich & Creamy Melt®, the great tasting, organic butter alternative that’s good for you.

One winner will enjoy a $500 Mingle with Melt VISA gift card with which to buy food, decorations, cocktails, cooking supplies, and maybe, the perfect little black dress, for your dinner party!

To enter, click here.  The sweepstakes is only open until October 31, 2011.  **Note while this is being mentioned here on Gluten-free is Life, we are not accepting entries here on our blog or choosing the winnerYou must follow instructions here to enter.

***The samples reviewed here were sent to me free of charge for review purposes.  The opinions stated in this post are mine and have not been influenced by anyone or anything.

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Sleepover Fun–Gluten-Free Style

Just recently I was chosen by the Foodbuzz Tastemaker’s program, along with Electrolux, to host a sleepover.

This past weekend Hannah hosted a gluten-free sleepover for her friends with a “Game Night” theme.  Each girl was asked to bring over their favorite board game to share.  If you’d like to host your own game night, you can use this REI promotional code to buy some new fun games! While Hannah has not been diagnosed with Celiac Disease and does not follow a strict gluten-free diet, she often does eat gluten-free because Jon and I do.  While I wasn’t out to “trick” anyone, I did ask Hannah not to inform her friends that the food was gluten-free upfront.  I know how 9 year old girls can be and didn’t wanted any preconceived ideas about how the food would taste.

001 (640x379)

The menu for the party was:

  • Tinkyada gluten-free spaghetti with choice of alfredo or three cheese marinara
  • Grilled chicken marinated in Italian dressing
  • Garlic cheese bread
  • Yellow cupcakes with triple chocolate frosting (to be frosted & decorated by the girls)
  • Candy corn/sprinkles

Easy Italian Grilled Chicken

  • 1-2 lbs chicken breast (may cut into chunks, strips or leave whole)
  • 1 bottle of Kraft Tuscan House Italian
  • Garlic powder
  • Oregano
  • Basil
  • Sea salt & pepper

1.  Trim chicken and cut, if needed.  If you choose to leave whole, pound with a meat tenderizer.

2.  Season with garlic powder, oregano, basil, S & P.  Marinate in dressing overnight or for at least 2 hours before cooking.

3.  Grill chicken on outside grill or George Foreman grill until cooked through.  You could also saute the chicken in the marinade in a saute pan.

4.  Serve along side or on top of pasta.

013 (640x427) (2)

Garlic Cheese Bread

1.  Cut bread in half and lay open.  Spread with butter or spread of choice.  Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

2.  Season with spices.

3.  Bake until bread is toasted & spread is melted.  Top with cheese & lightly broil until the cheese is bubbly & melted.

006 (640x427)

The meal served with three cheese marinara:

021 (640x416)

And, with the alfredo:

022 (640x538)

The cupcakes were simply made with Betty Crocker’s gluten-free yellow cake mix & Betty Crocker’s triple chocolate chip frosting.  The girls then decorated their cupcakes with 2 different types of candy corn (Zachary brand is gluten-free) and sprinkles.    What I loved about this activity was watching the girls and seeing how they differed.  Each one had their own unique style & method for decorating & then eating their cupcake.  Apparently the new thing is to make a sandwich out of your cupcake.  Who knew?

036 (640x427)

The girls loved dinner and had a blast playing games like Monopoly, Operation & Perfection!  They were all asleep by 1:00 AM and woke up to Aaron cooking bacon and eggs on Sunday morning (naturally gluten-free)!

019 (640x427)

The key to keeping kids occupied during a sleepover is to have plenty of activities & food.  It is better to over plan and not get to all of the activities than to under plan and have kids bored or looking for ways to entertain themselves.  The board games were a brilliant idea, as there were many options to choose from.  Additionally, be prepared for a child to want to call home or even have mom or dad come pick them up.  I know when I was this age, I refused to spend the night away from home.  These girls all did great, but I made sure to know how to contact mom & dad, just in case.

Kelly’s Virtual Sleepover is Electrolux’s latest campaign to support Ovarian Cancer Research.  By visiting the site you can join the sleepover, and when you join, Electrolux will donate $1 to OCRF and you are then entered for a chance to win a new Perfect SteamTM washer and dryer from Electrolux.  Who wouldn’t want to win that?  Apparently it washes clothes in 15 minutes and dries them in 14 minutes.  Talk about a way to simplify laundry!  Electrolux will donate $200 to the OCRF for each washer & dryer pair purchased.

This post is part of the Foodbuzz Tastemaker program with Electrolux.

Rice Select Review & Giveaway

Before I get down to business, make sure to check here to see if you won the “Do the Swap” Yoplait giveaway!

A few weeks back I received a sample of Rice Select Jasmati rice.  We eat a lot of rice in our house, so I knew that I would have no problem incorporating rice into many of our meals.  Additionally, Jon’s newest fascination is making his version of Chipotle’s cilantro rice at home.  A little about Rice Select:

RiceSelect™ supports sustainable agriculture by developing high yielding rice varieties that require less pesticides, fungicides and water resources as well as organic foods by developing new organic products, securing markets and expanding consumer demand. RiceSelect’s production facilities operate pollution free and use only minimal processes to mill and package nutritious, high quality, all natural food products. RiceSelect’s PET jars are re-usable and recyclable and BPA free.

Jasmati is a US-grown jasmine rice.  The beauty of this Jasmati rice is that it only takes 20 minutes to cook!  It is a nice option in place of brown rice if you are in a hurry.  It doesn’t have the fiber that brown rice does, but each serving does have 150 calories & 3 grams of protein.  Toss in some edamame or black beans to boost up the fiber content.


When I cooked this rice for the first time, I subbed light coconut milk (Trader Joe’s) for the water for some extra flavor.  The rice turned out beautifully and everyone enjoyed it.  I don’t suspect that my 36 oz container will last long with Jon in the house.

Rice Select is helping to raise money for breast cancer research this fall:

Texmati® In The Pink This Fall

Earlier this summer RiceSelect was named a national partner of Susan G. Komen for the Cure® to help in the fight against breast cancer.

During the months of September, October and November 2011, you will see RiceSelectTexmati® White rice will be brightening store shelves with their pink lids and labels. We will also host several local promotional events featuring our trial size Texmati® cartons featuring pink ribbons. During this three month period RiceSelect is committed to donate a minimum of $50,000 to Susan G. Komen for the Cure®.

Wellness is an important part of our culture at RiceSelect and our products fit beautifully into a healthy lifestyle. We are proud of this partnership and are committed and passionate about supporting the cause to help abolish breast cancer.

Rice Select has offered to give one lucky reader a tote bag & their own sample of Rice Select!  All you have to do is follow the directions below to enter.

***This product & the prize were offered as part of this review/giveaway by Mambo Sprouts/Rice Select.
Continue reading

Another Week Goes By

How is it Sunday again already?  Wasn’t it just Monday?  My day today started off with me breaking a wine glass before 8:00 AM.  No, I wasn’t going for a cocktail, but my coffee filters.  The coffee filters happen to be in the same cabinet as my wine glasses.  Perhaps it is time for a change.  Nothing like cleaning up glass in bare feet & my bathrobe.  Wake me up when September ends.  This picture of Hannah from a few years back reminded me what is coming up! 


Thankfully September ends this week.  Saturday is October 1st.

Sunday – Rotisserie chicken or Chipotle – the way my day started out, I am placing bets on Chipotle.

Monday – Garlic & dill salmon, coconut baked rice, roasted broccoli & salad

Tuesday – Enchiladas (a GF version of this) and salad

Wednesday – BBQ pulled pork, baked potatoes, green beans & salad

Thursday – Spaghetti with marinutta sauce, roasted zucchini and salad

Friday –MYOP with Kinnikinnick pizza crusts and salad

Saturday – Pei Wei takeout

Hoping to get some banana bread made later today for breakfast this week.  I am thinking about making them into muffins for easy serving or grabbing & going. 

Remember to head over to enter to win the Yoplait “do the swap” giveaway


Review: Chocolate Chip Cherry Torte Larabar

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about Larabar introducing a brand new flavor: Chocolate Chip Cherry Torte.  Just this week I received some complimentary samples to review & I got right to work!  I don’t think there has been a Larabar flavor that I haven’t liked, but I was really looking forward to this version because I love chocolate (duh) and I love cherries.  They just keep coming up with better ideas for these bars and I love every one of them!


I am here to tell you that this bar is every bit as good as it sounds, if not better.  Dried cherries are one of my favorite dried fruits and chocolate…you know how I feel about chocolate.  The bar is moist & flavorful with chunks of almonds & cashews.  I loved this bar!!  There are just a handful of ingredients:

Dates, chocolate chips, almonds, dried cherries, cashews & sea salt. 

The nutritional stats:


More from Larabar:

The cherry didn’t fall far from the tree for Chocolate Chip Cherry Torte, whose inspiration (and name) came from a combination of Cherry Pie and our Fair Trade Certified™ chocolate chips. With less than 200 calories and just 6 simple ingredients, this snack carries on a great family tradition of simple, indulgent flavors.

Well done, Larabar, well done.  Smile

Do you have any weekend plans?  I am probably finishing up my 9 mile as this post goes up and will be getting ready to host a gaggle full of girls for a “Game Night” sleepover.  Something tells me that they will be up much longer than I will be. 

Remember to head over to enter to win the Yoplait “do the swap” giveaway


Friday Five

Welcome to Friday.  Today is also the first day of fall, my favorite season.  I love the cool, crisp air and the brilliant colors.  I could do without winter following my favorite season, though.  I am not a huge football fan, but Jon & Aaron are.  Jon sports his OSU jersey when he can, though I think he has outgrown it. Here is one of my favorite pictures of Jon a few years back in his jersey.  I was playing around with my new camera & he wanted to test out the action shots.


I love little quizzes.  This Friday Five quiz is one we do on a forum that I have been a part of since I was pregnant with Hannah.  I think of these women as family & can’t believe that we are all still together 9+ years later!  Anywho, I thought it would be fun to do a Friday Five here today. 

Here is how it works – I will share my answers to the questions & then you can post yours in the comment section.  I look forward to reading them all!!

  1. Some friends have invited you over to watch the big game. What do you bring for the snack table? Buffalo Chicken Dip (naturally gluten-free) celery & tortilla chips
  2. What do you bring for a potluck lunch at work (or school)? BBQ pulled pork (crockpot) with Sweet Baby Ray’s sauce (also gluten-free)
  3. What do you think of the Facebook changes so far?  The new timeline that is coming?  The new changes are not my favorite, but I don’t like change.  It would help if both of my accounts were the same, but they aren’t.  I am not a fan of the timeline as far as I can tell, however, that may change once I actually experience it.  I just don’t think that people need to know that much about each other.  LOL!  
  4. You’re going camping for a long weekend with a bunch of friends. Everybody agrees to bring one thing that others often don’t think to bring. What’s your contribution? I don’t camp, so I would bring wine because I am fairly certain that I would have to be intoxicated to sleep outside in a tent.  Nothing against those of you that do it, I wish I could get past my aversion to sleeping with creepy crawlies. 
  5. Road trip! The car in which you’re going to spend twenty hours with your closest friends only has a CD player. What do you bring? Counting Crows – August & Everything After.  One of the best albums ever

Remember to head over to enter to win the Yoplait “do the swap” giveaway

Hope you all have a glorious weekend! 


Review: Icelandic Glacial


A few weeks back I received some complimentary samples of water from Icelandic Glacial.  I know you are thinking “Well, of course water is gluten-free!”, right?  Yes, you are right.  I wasn’t sure what was so special about the water from Icelandic Glacial either, so I began to research.


I am not one to drink bottled water normally.  I typically use BPA-free plastic or stainless bottles to cut down on our trash & recycling.  However, I was game to try this water out, as there are times when I will buy bottled water for trips & such. 

Why is Icelandic Glacial better than other bottled water?

Contaminant free
Our water is microbiologically pure when extracted and free of even trace levels of contaminants. With a TDS – Total Dissolved Solids level of only 62 parts per million and a pH level of 8.4, our water is unmatched in terms of taste & overall quality.

Bottle design
Our high quality award-winning & strikingly designed bottles are entirely recyclable and produced from stable materials to ensure the taste of our water remains unchanged.

Affordable luxury
In comparison to other imported brands of bottled water, Icelandic Glacial is a Super Premium product at an affordable price.

NSF Certified
Our bottling plant and manufacturing processes are fully certified by NSF International, the world’s leading third party validation authority, to ensure full conformance with governmental and local state certification standards

Environmentally friendly
Icelandic Water Holdings ehf. is a CarbonNeutral® company which accurately reflects our commitment to making a difference to climate change. See Icelandic Glacial Green Credentials

IG’s water is the purest of the pure, coming from Iceland’s Hlíðarendi Spring, part of the Ölfus Spring System, a catchment zone formed during a massive volcanic eruption more than 4,500 years ago. Ölfus Spring is a renewable resource, replenished annually by infiltration of rainfall and snow melt over uninhabited lava fields. Ninety-nine percent of the Ölfus flow releases to the sea below mean sea level. The only outflow to surface water is at Hlíðarendi, where a pond collects spring discharges which then flow for two kilometres before disappearing underground. It is from this system that the Icelandic Glacial water is taken.

Source illustration:
The Ölfus Spring is fed from high in the mountains by a gradual filter of rainfall, snow and ice melt.

Olfus Spring

Glacially Inspired
Icelandic Glacial is proud of its green credentials and is clear that the water is in no way connected or fed from actual melted or melting glaciers. The ‘Glacial’ in the Icelandic Glacial brand name is derived from landscapes and scenery that are automatically conjured when one thinks of Iceland, and is also a reference to the peak design of the Icelandic Glacial bottle, rather than the source of its contents.
Protected Source
The local government is particularly appreciative of the need to protect this valuable resource and has applied a 128,000 acre exclusion zone around the spring. No farming, animals, or buildings are permitted in the surrounding area .
A Self Replenishing Resource, Certifiably Sustainable Resource
Naturally occurring pure drinking water is a precious commodity in most countries and water bottling companies are sometimes criticised for draining aquifers and groundwater reserves to the detriment of local communities.

Icelandic Glacial is particularly mindful of this fact, and its extraction operations account for a minor percentage of the Ölfus Spring’s daily outflow to the ocean, which is more than double the world’s bottled water consumption.

Icelandic Glacial has been declared by Zenith International, Europe’s leading food and drinks consultancy, as truly sustainable because it doesn’t deplete or permanently damage the source from which it’s abstracted. Icelandic Glacial does not pump water from the spring, but collects what flows naturally to the ground surface, using an estimated 0.1% of the total spring flow annually.

I honestly didn’t expect to be able to detect much difference between this water & the filtered water I drink at home.  I mean, it is water, right?  I have to say that it did taste really clean & light, though I am not quite sure what I mean by that.  LOL!  I am not trying to be difficult or snarky, just honest.  It is hard to describe what I want to say about the water, but I do love the bottle design, which is very appealing to the eye.  Would I buy Icelandic Glacial?  If I were buying bottled water, yes, I would. 

Icelandic Glacial is sold in stores across the US, UK and Canada and can be purchased online.   


**The products reviewed in this post were sent to me free of charge for this review.  The opinions stated here are mine and have not been influenced by anyone or anything. 

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Wordless Wednesday

These are the balloons that I almost beat up this morning on my way out to the gym.  It was dark and there were shadows.  Definitely thought someone was in the house.  If that didn’t wake up up!  They were almost hiding around the corner right next to the garage door.  Go ahead, laugh!  I did all the way to the gym! 

Remember to head over to enter to win the Yoplait “do the swap” giveaway

Review: Ghirardelli Intense Dark

Y’all know I am a sucker for dark chocolate, so of course I “opted in” when Foodbuzz asked if I was interested in reviewing Ghirardelli’s new line.  Not everyone who “opts in” is chosen.  I am not sure if I was chosen randomly or because they wanted to see me gush some more about chocolate on my blog.  The hows & whys are really irrelevant.  Bottom line is that the chocolate ended up in my hands. 


First things first; I needed to confirm the gluten-free status of the chocolate.

Dear ms. Bouldin,

Thank you for contacting Ghirardelli Chocolate. Ghirardelli currently offers one product which contains an gluten ingredient. Our Luxe Milk Crisp Squares and Bars, containing barley malt as an ingredient. As a result, the line on which our chocolate bars and Squares are produced, share a common line with barley gluten. The chocolate chips (60% Bittersweet, Semi-Sweet, and Milk Chocolate) line and powder line (hot chocolates and baking cocoas) will remain free of gluten ingredients.

Ghirardelli takes the following measures to reduce cross contamination on our production lines: lines are cleaned between the changing from one product to the next. The first two batches of any product made are disposed of and not packaged.


Consumer Service

Ghirardelli Chocolate Company

I received 3 varieties of the intense dark chocolate bars and 2 different individually packed squares. 

Twilight Delight – Our Intense Dark 72% cacao is a deep, velvety chocolate with hints of mocha, blackberry and dark cherry that create an unrivaled chocolate intensity. It’s a great match for foods and beverages with a robust flavor.

Sea Salt SoireeA blend of sweet dark chocolate, slow-roasted almonds and coarse crystals of sea salt make this Intense Dark flavor the epitome of sweet and salty perfection. Its peaks of saltiness create a mouth-watering reaction with a variety of bold-flavored pairings.

Midnight ReverieWith 86% cacao, this luxuriously deep Intense Dark chocolate delivers the ultimate chocolate intensity. Its robust flavor and warm chocolate notes accompanied by hints of dark cherries and dried plums pair perfectly with other strong flavors.

I enjoy finishing off dinner with a square or 2 of dark chocolate, so these are perfect for that!  My only problem is that they are so good that I want more!  Saturday night when we went out to celebrate Aaron’s birthday, I came home, poured a glass of dry red wine and couldn’t keep my hands off of the Midnight Reverie bar.  While I really enjoyed all 3 versions, the Midnight Reverie is my favorite.

To learn more about the Intense Dark Challenge and to get a coupon for Ghirardelli Intense Dark, click here

Do you like dark chocolate?  If so, what is your favorite brand/variety?


**The products reviewed in this blog were provided to me free of charge as part of the Foodbuzz Tastemaker Program.  The opinions stated here are mine and have not been influenced by anyone or anything.

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