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Every Day A Holiday

I have written about Holiday Baking Company 2 separate times, here and here.  Well, I went to the library yesterday and since HBC is right down the street, I stopped in.  I had heard through the grapevine that there were going to be selling Take & Bake Pizza and I wanted in on that!  Lisa, the proprietor, informed me that the Take & Bake Pizza will be available starting on Thursday (July 16, 2009).  Also, next week (July 21, 2009 – July 25, 2009) they will be having a “Christmas in July” sale!  They will be sampling & selling all kinds of Christmas cookies, gingerbread & fruit cakes!  I will definitely be stopping by for that! 


In lieu of the Take & Bake, I bought a pre-baked pizza crust, multi-grain dinner rolls & and some mini cappuccino chip muffins.  I love trying new GF goodies! 


I came home & Jon got down  on his hands & knees and begged me to make pizza for lunch.  Okay, twist my arm.  I heated the oven to 350 and spread the pizza crust with some Three Cheese Prego sauce & sprinkled some mozzarella & provolone cheese on top.  I baked it for about 12-14 minutes, checking frequently.  Jon loved the pizza, as did I!  The crust is got a little crisp to it, which is not easy to accomplish gluten-free.  The spices in the crust were perfect.  Jon had leftover cold pizza for dinner last night and said it tasted just like Donato’s!  That is a huge compliment coming from my son. 



The multi-grain dinner rolls were fantastic!  I had one with my dinner last night at room temp, un-toasted and no spread and it was wonderful.  It didn’t need anything.  Great texture & flavor.  Jon had 2 today…I split & toasted them in my toaster oven (which I think I broke, by the way) and then topped with Prego again and more mozzarella & made mini-pizzas.  Jon loved them!  We have them set to use for mini pulled pork sandwiches tonight.  :)


We have had the cappuccino chip muffins before and they did not disappoint. 

Thanks again, Lisa, for all of your hard work.  We gluten-free customers really appreciate it! 

Make sure to check out my new Examiner article on Gluten-free Christmas in July in Columbus. 

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