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Brownies and Cake, how in the world?

How in the world do I forget the 2 most important desserts on earth? Seriously. I must have had some serious brain freeze or something to forget my 2 most favorite things in the world (besides my husband and children, of course).

Kim & Jon ~ Once again, Pamela’s, hands down. Love, love, love the chocolate cake mix. There is a modified version on the side of the package that uses sour cream and it is the most heavenly thing since GF sliced bread (haha…..we all know that GF sliced bread is anything but heavenly). No, seriously, this cake is so moist and yummy….you just want to cry! I frost it with chocolate frosting made from butter or shortening, cocoa, powdered sugar and vanilla.

Kim & Jon ~ There are several very good mixes out there. My Mom has also made them from a gluten-free flour mix made from rice flour, potato starch (not potato flour) and tapioca starch flour (adding xanthan gum, of course). Again, after discussing this with Jon, we vote Pamela’s. I don’t work for Pamela’s or have any interest in the company other than the fact that I love their products and want them to stay in business. 😉

Ice Cream:
Kim ~ Edy’s (this company, also called Dreyer’s, will not hide gluten on their labels). I like the Slow-Churned (lower in fat & calories, still super yummy) Cappucino Chip, Raspberry Chip, Coffee the best.

Jon ~ Edy’s Vanilla Bean, Mint Chocolate Chip, Take the Cake (yes, I am sure there is no gluten), Chocolate and Peanut Butter Cup. If we are going out for ice cream, we love Cold Stone. They are very good about food allergies there and will mix the ice cream in a bowl rather than on the marble stone.

Now, of course, I must make some sweet treats.

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