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Yucca Root = Naturally Gluten-free

Do you know what kind of food I like best?  The kind that is naturally gluten-free and minimally processed.  I think chocolate fits in that category, but I am not talking about chocolate today.  Don’t worry, chocolate still holds  a place in my heart.  😉 

I have seen various posts in the blog world about the yucca root.  I hadn’t heard of it before and was intrigued.  I saw that the yucca was being cut into fry shapes and then baked in the oven.  I have posted numerous other veggies that I like to eat like fries, so why not yucca?  Yucca is also called cassava.  Yucca is actually very familiar to those of us on a gluten-free diet.  It is known as one of the most widely used gluten-free flours, tapioca!  Yucca has a mild flavor and can be used in place of potatoes in  soups, dumplings, stews, gravies & more. 

I chose to peel & bake/roast my yucca root last night to go along with my BBQ chicken breasts.  Once I peeled the yucca, I laid out on a baking sheet that I sprayed with Pam and then sprayed the root itself with Pam.  You could toss with EVOO & spices, too.  I then seasoned with just salt & pepper, as I wanted a good idea of what the yucca itself tasted like.  I baked at 400 or so for about 20 – 30 minutes, flipping after about 15 minutes and then checking every 5 minutes after that.  I have to say that this is one of my new favorite forms of fries!  Holy YUM!!  The yucca fries had a crispier outside & a potatoey (is that a word?) inside.  Super mild flavor.  I dipped them in Organic Ketchup, but they would be good dipped in all kinds of sauces…..Frank’s Red Hot, Honey Mustard, BBQ, etc. 



I can see adding yucca to my list of produce that I buy weekly now.  Very nice change of pace and delicious, too!  Interested in the other fries that I have made?  Here they are:

Let me know if you give yucca root a try & how you end up preparing it.

What is your favorite homemade fry?


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  • Lots of new product reviews.  I have some fun stuff to try out & report back to you all on.  I can’t wait!  :)
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