Gluten-free Cracker Review

Usually when I review a product I write one post for one product.  I am mixing things up a little bit today.  I am going to include 2 products in one post.  I know! Things are getting all crazy over here at Gluten-free is Life.  Today is cracker day at Gluten-free is Life.  I have 2 different brands of crackers to review today.  Glutino and Hol-Grain

I will start with Glutino because alphabetically, “G” comes before “H”.  🙂  Glutino makes 4 different kinds of crackers – original, vegetable flavor, cheddar flavor & multigrain flavor.  Today I am reviewing the original.  These crackers are very close to the gluten-filled Townhouse or Ritz crackers that I remember.  Jon has also sampled them and said “Whoa!  These taste just like regular crackers!”  He is spreading peanut butter on them and making them into peanut butter sandwich crackers as I write this review.  This product gets an A+.


Hol-Grain Crackers are crackers that are made from brown rice with a touch of salt.   If you have been reading my blog for a while, you know that there isn’t much that I don’t like.  I like food in general and I am fairly easy to please.  Well, brace yourselves.  This product was horrible.  Horrible, as in going back to the store and I am asking for a store credit or my money back.  I had such high hopes for these crackers!  I wasn’t turned off by the ingredient list – only brown rice & salt.  I eat rice cakes with those ingredients in them daily.  The cracker was not appealing to look at; there was no crunch.  They almost tasted stale.  I didn’t even finish one of the crackers.  I hesitate to write a review like this, but I hate to see anyone else waste their money, especially in this economy, on a product that is not cheap ($4 – $6/box).  Has anyone else tried these?  Did I just get a bad box?


Other good  gluten-free crackers are Blue Diamond Nut Thins and Mary’s Gone Crackers. If you made me choose a favorite, it would be between the Glutino & Blue Diamond Nut Thins.


December preview: “A Cookie A Day“.  I will be sharing a cookie recipe a day during the month of December.  In order to keep my life from being completely nuts, I am going to do weekdays only.  Still, that will be 23 cookie recipes for you all to check out!  I love holiday cookies and am hoping to try some fun new recipes this year to add to some old favorites. 


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