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Food, Inc Viewing

If you haven’t seen it yet, your chance is coming. Food, Inc will be shown on POV on PBS – April 21, 2010 from 9 PM to 11 PM. If there is one movie or TV show you watch this year, this is it. Talk about eye-opening. I had no idea that some of these practices were going on in the US. You can view the trailer here.

I was shocked after I saw this movie. I was appalled at the way the animals were being treated. The chickens were being grown so big that their own legs could not support their weight. They are kept in these dark, crowded houses. So sad. And that is really only the tip of the iceburg.

Also, don’t forget that the 3rd episode of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution airs tonight on ABC at 9 PM. I am a huge fan of this show!

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  • Great film. Planning to just buy it to share with others. Eye opening. And Food Revolution is being DVR'd, will catch up tomorrow.

    Thanks for always being on the ball!

  • Love Food, Inc.! Although I must say, it has infected my brain, I cannot go in the grocery store or look at a package of food without hearing that music! I am suspicious of everything, LOL!

    We bought a copy to lend out to people as we believe this is a very important message to get out. Of all the important messages in the film, the inhumane treatment of animals makes me sick. It is hard to watch this film then figure out how to eat moving forward (especially when you are a bulk buyer like me and your pantry is stocked with all the bad stuff like canned tomatoes, etc.)! My first instinct was to run for the hills and eat "off the fat of the land," but that is obviously not realistic!

    Once I wrapped my head around it, we decided to immediately quit buying store-bought tomatoes. We also quit buying cheap corn-fed beef and are doing the grass-fed beef or bison (while reducing our consumption to make it affordable). Free-Range chicken is a bit more difficult, as it is really expensive, but we are about 50/50 there. The biggest overhaul we have done is start a garden. Here's hoping we can actually grow something!

    Baby steps indeed, but at least we're moving in the right direction. :-)

    Thanks for getting the word out, you ROCK!

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