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A Slight Problem….

I have a slight problem….I eat a ton of fruit! Do you think it is possible to eat too much fruit? I looked it up on google and most of the information that I found said that if you are trying to lose weight, which I am not, then yes, you can eat too much fruit. Other than that, I think I am in the clear. I eat most of my fruit for breakfast in the form of a large fruit bowl/salad. One of the best things about fruit is that it is naturally gluten-free!


Doesn’t that look good? I mix up watermelon, cantaloupe, peaches, plums or pluots, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, grapes & cherries. I started doing this one day when I couldn’t decide what fruit to have for breakfast & they all sounded good. With so many of my favorite fruits being in season right now, I am taking full advantage while I can!

Another favorite of mine is ice cold watermelon on a hot day. You just can’t beat that sweet, cold, juicy bite of fruit when the humidity & temps are soaring.


Along with my fruit for breakfast I usually have some almond butter on rice cakes or toast.

What is your favorite summer fruit?

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  • Yum Kim!

    As you mentioned, the biggest concern with eating fruit is if you are attempting to lose fat. Fruit is "healthy," but it still has calories. Too many calories, even of healthy food, will sabotage weight loss efforts. But-that's not a concern for you. So eat up and enjoy the season!

    I do know I've heard some people mention that their bowels get a bit loose if they eat a ton of fruit, so that would be my other caveat.

    As for me-I love berries. All of 'em. But then again, there's pretty much no fruit I don't like. Except papaya. Don't like those so much.

    The rest-bring them on!

  • Kim

    Yeah, not a fan of papaya here either. I think I wrote about my tasting experience with papaya last summer – tasted like vomit. ICK!


  • Heather

    My favorite summer fruit is… all of them! I'm like you; I eat a lot! Berries, cherries, peaches, plums, nectarines, pluots, watermelon, melon, yum!

  • We can't keep enough fruit in our house! My family loves strawberries, bananas, blueberries, grapes, apples…on and on. I love blueberries on my cereal in the morning! I do have to watch how much fruit I eat though, because I do have to calorie count. :(

  • K

    I am an equal opportunity fruit and veggie eater! i honestly can't think of any that I don't love. My summer favorites are any type of berry, watermelon, peaches and kiwi! I can eat an entire watermelon in a matter of days and eat kiwis like apples, skin and all! I love it! In the winter, pears and asian pears are my joy!

  • Kim

    Mmm…..cold watermelon & cantaloupe!!

    I need to get some kiwi and work on my kiwi love. I think I am just scared of it! LOL!

  • I’m in the camp of, I really don’t think you can eat too much fruit. Perhaps this is me turning a blind eye but it’s fruit! Fruit is good and yummy. :D So I’m like you, I eat a ton of fruit. I have fruit with breakfast and lunch. I have it straight up and also mixed in with smoothies. Love! Watermelon is my fave summer fruit, followed by cold cantloupe and then nectarines. I do really dig on blueberries as well. :)

  • I love a ton of fruit too! I have been buying way too much of it. Cherries are a big one right now. And nectarines, and blueberries, and… There aren't too many I don't like either. But some I haven't tried, like papaya. Yesterday at the Farmer's Market I made an impulse buy of fresh apricots. I can't wait to try them – and if I don't like them fresh, I will make jam out of them for later!

  • Renee,

    Let me know how you like the apricots. I prefer dried apricots or jam, like you said. The fresh ones aren't bad, I just love the dried ones.

  • Pdw

    It can also be a problem if you are sensitive to fructose. Then it can make you sick, cause digestive distress, give you hypoglycemia, etc.

  • I know what you mean! I ate an absolutely enormous fruit salad yesterday! But for me it's feast or famine – since I try to eat seasonally and mostly from my CSA box, for most of the year it's just apples and oranges and maybe some pears. So when summer comes I go nuts! I was also wondering if I could OD on fruit, but then, as I sat down with my second giant bowl of blueberries, I thought about all the amazing anti-oxidants fruit is supposed to have and how the "superfoods" lists are always telling us to eat more. So then I felt quite smug and healthy!

    (Of course if someone has candida/yeast issues eating a ton of fruit could be a disaster for them, but luckily although I am very sensitive to sugar, fructose seems to be okay for me!)

  • Kim

    There seems to be quite a few of us enjoying all of the wonderful fruit this year! :)

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