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Keeping it Real

Hannah was playing around with my camera yesterday and took a picture of me while I was feeding the little boy that I watch. She asked if I was going to post the picture on my blog. Initially I was thinking that there was no way b/c I had no make up on. Then, I reconsidered. I thought that this would make a good post for showing that make up is not always necessary, especially when hanging out at home.


So, there you have it – no make up and hair was left to air dry. :) This is for Hannah. :)

Anyone care to join me and share how you are “Keeping it Real”?


There was an article that I read yesterday that really ruffled my feathers. The article, “New Ways to Just Say No to Dessert” was on the Reader’s Digest website. The author suggests using Celiac Disease, among other ailments, as an excuse for passing up dessert. I was appalled, to say the least. Having Celiac Disease and following the gluten-free diet is not to be taken lightly. Celiac Disease awareness is growing day to day, but using it as an excuse to avoid dessert for fear of offending the host/hostess is not only careless, but is an insult to those that have to follow the diet. Not to mention how confusing it could be. What if the main course of the meal consisted of pasta or bread? Then the host/hostess is thinking that pasta, bread or whatever was served is gluten-free, but dessert is not. GRRR!!! I have a suggestion – how about putting on your big girl panties or manning up and simply saying “No, thank you” or “Thanks, but I am too full to even consider eating that fabulous looking dessert” or even “Thank you, but I am trying to watch what I eat these days”. Rant over.


So now that I have bared my “naked” face and ranted about RD, I can go on with my day. :) Don’t forget to enter the Jay Robb/Zensah giveaway today! Only 15 hours left!!

11 comments to Keeping it Real

  • Kim – You're keeping it real wonderful! You look fabulous w/o makeup. I never wear make-up unless I'm going to work or out to dinner. I haven't altered myself all these many years (w the exception of teeth straightening). The rest is all real me! I subscribe to the words of a motivational speaker I heard many years ago who said, "parts of me are spectacular!"

  • I don't even own any make-up, and my hair air dries every day. You look just fine! :)

  • Julie

    Ok, first…. DANG! If I looked that good without makeup, I would rarely wear any. But alas, I must. ;)

    I'm shocked at RD. They usually are very competent and seem to have integrity. Whatever happened to people being able to just tell the truth and be up front? Sheesh.

  • Kimberly! Woman…you need no makeup! You are a natural beauty. :)

    And…what RD said makes my blood boil! How dare they? Would they suggest someone say they eat dessert because they have diabetes? Or cancer? The nerve. How irresponsible.

  • Whoops. Meant "can't eat dessert". I was so mad that I couldn't type straight! LOL!

  • Sandra

    The author from Readers Digest and Readers Digest should be set straight! I hope you wrote a letter to both about that. So irresponsible!! That really makes me mad!!

  • Heidi

    You look beautiful without makeup. Great pic!

    That is an appalling comment in RD. There is no reason someone shouldn't feel comfortable to just politely decline a dessert. No excuse needed.

  • You look great, Kim! I never wear makeup, except for lipstick once or twice a month. ;-) So my photo on my blog is all me, too.

    Wow, on the RD advice. Horrid. I hope they get a lot of feedback on that one, and feedback, too, when they do something right. I don't think those of us who are gluten free are as good about the positive feedback. Still appalling comment as Heidi said, and doesn't even work necessarily. There are many wonderful naturally gf desserts.



  • I'm totally with you on the rant thing! That's just crazy! I, too, am surprised because RD is one of my go-to magazines and I usually think of them as so sensible, but that is just ridiculous!!

    And…you look fantastic without makeup!!! I, on the other hand, would die before I posted a pic of myself on my blog sans makeup!

  • I never would have guessed you were sans-makeup in that picture, you look gorgeous! Love the freckles!

  • Kim

    Thank you all so much for you kind comments :) I am a tad behind in responding to my comments, as you can see. ;) LOL!

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