Review: Cook IT Allergy Free App

Ever since I got my iTouch, it is attached to my hip. Imagine if I had an iPhone or iPad? It may be a good thing that we are with Sprint (and in a contract) for now. 😉 I love all of the different apps available and one of the coolest apps that I have come across so far is the Cook IT Allergy Free app. What does this app do? Check this out:

Custom Tailor Any of the Recipes

Hundreds of Gluten Free recipes that can be customized to meet most Food Allergy needs

More recipes being added all of the time.

With a simple tap, trade out your Allergen(s) in any of the recipes with safe substitutions. Now no recipe is off limits!

Find substitutions within the recipes for: eggs, butter, milk, yogurt, buttermilk, cream, sour cream, cream cheese, cheeses, nuts, nut butters, corn syrup, and soy.

Customize your recipes and then share them through Email, Facebook, and Twitter .

Find great tips for allergy free cooking that will help to give you delicious results.

Save Your Customized Recipes to your Grocery List and Recipe Box

Save your recipes to your Grocery List and have all of the ingredients you need, including your substitutions for your allergens, at your fingertips.

Your list will be organized by Aisle or by Recipe. Add items from your daily list as well.

Check off items as you shop single ingredients, entire recipes, or your entire list with simple taps.

Your custom-tailored recipes can also all be saved in one place: Your Recipe Box.

Keep your own notes within each recipe to remind yourself of what you liked or didn’t like about your results. Allergy Free cooking is all about “trial-and-error”

There are over 200 recipes in this app. You can save your customized recipes in your “recipe box” and have offline access to them at any time. The Cook IT Allergy Free website has lots of useful information as well. Kim, the founder, began cooking gluten-free when her son and then husband were diagnosed with Celiac Disease. She quickly found out that buying prepackaged gluten-free foods can be expensive and decided to begin work on her Master’s in Nutrition. On the website you can find allergy cooking tips, gluten-free tips and food allergy information. The app is available for the iPhone ($4.99; this also works with the iTouch 2nd generation on) or the iPad ($8.99).

Thank you Kim for creating such a wonderful tool! **Kim graciously provided me with a free copy of the app to review. I am not sure that I will ever quit playing with this cool app!

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