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Weekly Menu Plan – November 7, 2010

Did you remember to “Fall Back” last night? I didn’t set my clocks last night because I knew the cable clock and my cell phone clock would take care of that for me. Plus, I really enjoy waking up in the middle of the night confused because I can’t figure out which clock is right in my half-asleep state.

Last night Aaron & I went out to our special place for our 10th Anniversary dinner. While Hyde Park doesn’t have a printed gluten-free menu, they have always done a wonderful job of making sure my food is safe to eat. Safe to eat and prepared the way I ordered it are 2 different things. I seem to have a problem with this lately. Not with my food showing up contaminated with gluten, but being prepared wrong. Both Aaron and I ordered meals that consisted of salads, filet mignon (7 oz) and a choice of seafood. One would think that because the steaks were exactly the same size and they were both ordered “medium-rare”, that they would arrive looking the same. One would think. This was not the case. Aaron’s steak was perfectly cooked. My steak was well-done. How does that happen? I sent my steak back and they quickly remade me a new one. It didn’t take long, as it was indeed medium-rare this time. Once I had my steak back, it was phenomenal. The rest of the meal was excellent and I enjoyed spending such a wonderful evening with the man I love. Back to my food coming out wrong. I met some friends for lunch today at BJ’s Brewhouse, which I seem to frequent about once a week. I ordered a salad with no onions, dressing on the side and topped with broiled salmon. Salad shows up swimming in dressing. I mean there was enough dressing there for me to say that I needed some more lettuce to go with my dressing. It was gross. I sent it back and make sure to let the server know that I was disappointed that once again my salad had come out wrong. The last 3 salads I have ordered there have come out incorrectly. The other 2 times they came with diced red onions covering them and I am about as sensitive to those as I am to gluten, so there is no way I could eat them. While the food is good when it comes out right, I think they need to get their act together on expediting the meals. Well, unless they want to keep giving me free salads, that is.

Onto the menu plan.

Sunday – Leftovers

Monday -BBQ chicken breast, quinoa, sugar snap peas & salad

Tuesday -Taco Tuesday, black beans, corn & salad

Wednesday -Bison Burgers, sweet potato steak fries, broccoli & salad

Thursday -Steelhead Trout, baked potatoes, spinach & salad

Friday – Pizza and salad

Saturday- Carry out

Weekly Recap:

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O & H Danish Bakery has gluten-free choices

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