When It Is O.K. to Have Chocolate for Breakfast

Wouldn’t you love to have chocolate everyday for breakfast & have it be “O.K.”?!  I know that I would.  Most things chocolate are gluten-free, right?   I can think of several instances where I consider it okay to have chocolate for breakfast and we all know that whatever I say goes, right? Winking smile

Example #1:

Dark Chocolate Dreams Peanut Butter aka breakfast crack

Example #2:

Raw Cacao Nibs topping my Dark Chocolate Dreams or almond butter & fruit spread


Example #3:

Dark Chocolate Hershey’s Kiss in a hot cup of coffee.  Brilliant, right?  I got this idea from a local newscaster on our morning news, Amy Lutz.  She tweeted about putting a chocolate egg in her coffee and I thought it was a fantastic idea!  I didn’t have any chocolate eggs, but I did have some DCHK.


Now, talk about a way to start out a Monday morning, right?  Not sure that combining all three options at once is a healthy choice unless you are really needing a chocolate fix.  Smile Sometimes a girl just needs her chocolate.  Welcome to Monday!

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