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Van’s Waffles–Quality Issue?

Do you eat Van’s Gluten-Free Waffles?  If so, I have a question for you.  Have you noticed a difference in the quality lately? 

Let me preface by saying that I eat these waffles once or twice a week, so often enough to have a close relationship with the waffles & notice if things start to change.  I noticed a few weeks back that the waffles seemed less stable, though I am not sure that is the right word.  They seemed to fall apart much easier.  I often spread almond butter or jelly on the waffles & then top with fruit.  When I would go to spread my almond butter, they would fall apart.  At first I was not overly concerned.  I simply pieced them together on my plate & went about my breakfast, as I usually eat them with a fork anyway. 

Fast forward to our beach vacation.  I bought a box of the same waffles at Food Lion in North Carolina and they had the same issues.  Clearly this wasn’t just an isolated incident at this point.  I purchased 2 boxes while in NC and both boxes had “less than perfect” waffles.  It seemed that I had to come close to over-toasting the waffles or toasting until they were “well done” in order to keep them from falling apart.  Not good. 

I didn’t see any information on the box or the website about a “new & improved” recipe or taste, so I don’t know that a recipe change is to blame.  I shot an email off to Van’s yesterday, so I will let you all know what I find out. 

Anyone else notice a difference with their Van’s gluten-free waffles? 

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  • We've noticed that, too, and have stopped eating them.

  • Pat

    My daughter is allergic to blueberries as well so we had been eating the plain waffles. Same problem, thought I just had a wonky batch so I bought a few boxes after that with the same problem of breaking apart. Stopped buying them entirely.

  • Michelle

    In our house, we much prefer the Trader Joe's gluten free waffles (for taste, quality and price). I purchased Van's about a month ago when they were on sale at Raisin Rack, but it won't be something I do with any frequency. Definitely suggest you check out the TJ's alternative.

  • Hey Kim, I don't use Van's often, but I find them handy to toast and then turn into bread crumbs (easy way to get exact amount I need). However, I agree, they are different the last couple of times I've bought them.


  • MJ

    I haven’t ever tried them because around the time I went gf, Van’s had some recalls and people seemed to be having trouble with them. I can recommend Trader Joe’s gf waffles highly, and I never liked frozen/toaster waffles before going gf. Their pancakes have soy in then though and don’t taste good to me, tho my DH enjoys them and he’s not gf. SO frustrating when this type of thing happens given we already have limited, though increasing, choices in gf products. Maybe if you tweet at them with a link to this post, they’ll become aware of or explain the situation.

  • I haven't bought them in ages because I haven't been able to find the flax waffles which we both really love. However, now that I hear about the bad quality, I'm going to wait to buy anymore until they address the issues. I don't shop at Trader Joe's very often, but I may need to stop in there and try their waffles.

  • Kris

    Yes…thought it was just something I had to deal with! Would love to know what the deal is. Van's waffles are really the only g/f convenience food I buy with any regularity.

  • Sue

    When I first bought them, they reminded me of pre gf Kashi wafles, a bit dry, but ok. Over the past year or so, I've noticed they are falling apart more. Will not be buying more, opened my last box this morning. BTW, I run through toaster oven twice.

    • gfreeislife


      I had some this AM and one got burnt b/c it was smaller than the other in my toaster oven. :( The other wasn't done. I think I am done with them.


  • I noticed it too! Let me know what you find out from them!

  • I swear I've noticed it too! I'm a huge waffle eater. What gives?

  • Ed Desmond

    We make ours from scratch using all purpose gluten free flour from a couple of different companies.

  • gfreeislife


    I need to try the Kinnikinnick waffles. I do have a waffle iron, so I may go to making them and freezing my own.


  • Lobelia

    Hello. My name is Lobelia and I work on the Marketing team at Van’s. We were definitely concerned when we read this post and all the comments. I assure you we have not changed our formula (only our packaging in mid-2010). We are aware that people have this crumbling issue from time to time and are working to figure out the problem. We would love your help figuring this out. If you’re willing, would you please email the following to Product name, lot code (on the end flap), and store where product was purchased (or any information you can provide). We care very much about making Van’s products that you love and assure you we’re working on this. Thank you.

    • gfreeislife

      Lobelia – Thanks for sharing that here! I shared your information in my post today and was getting ready to add it here as well. :)


    • Flo

      I have eaten Vans waffles for many years and always enjoyed them,until this morning.
      The waffle tasted horrible ,no crumbling ,I have not experienced that.Normally I buy blueberry,but these were plain bought at Stop and Shop in Braintree am 02184
      Lot #2425600412A2. I thought maybe it tasted like the juice that's used to sweeten them was spoiled (just a guess) Also I could not seem to find any ingredients list ??????

    • Sal

      The waffles are not as sweet and they have an overcooked look to them prior to going into the toaster. I am done with them. They were very sweet and good for the last year since I was introduced to them. However, these are not the same. Lobelia, i am afraid production is not leveling with you. If you eat these things (and I assume you don't) they are NOT the same. Thanks for the memories though. Time to move on.

    • valerie

      what is the black residue on your van naturel waffles Iam afraid to give my child please let me know

  • maloneokie

    I noticed my last box was not a good as the box before. I just found Van's products so I figured it was me. Good to know it wasn't.

  • Bea

    We've also experienced the crumbling with Van's waffles as well, just recently though. For some reason we never noticed they contain soy flour (we thought they just had brown rice flour) and canola, so we no longer buy them. Oh, and if you eat Udi's gluten free products, they've been purchased by Smart Balance who's CEO is a former ConAgra guy. We no longer buy their products either because of the corn (we're allergic) derivatives and other ingredients we don't care to eat. In fact, we're swearing off grains all together. Oh, and watch out for anything with carrageenan added, it has been found to irritate the digestive system. It's in some pet foods, too, even some packaged natural deli meats (why, I thought it was a thickener?), some yogurts and some heavy creams, ice cream, etc. so read your labels.

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