Van’s Waffles–Quality Issue?

Do you eat Van’s Gluten-Free Waffles?  If so, I have a question for you.  Have you noticed a difference in the quality lately? 

Let me preface by saying that I eat these waffles once or twice a week, so often enough to have a close relationship with the waffles & notice if things start to change.  I noticed a few weeks back that the waffles seemed less stable, though I am not sure that is the right word.  They seemed to fall apart much easier.  I often spread almond butter or jelly on the waffles & then top with fruit.  When I would go to spread my almond butter, they would fall apart.  At first I was not overly concerned.  I simply pieced them together on my plate & went about my breakfast, as I usually eat them with a fork anyway. 

Fast forward to our beach vacation.  I bought a box of the same waffles at Food Lion in North Carolina and they had the same issues.  Clearly this wasn’t just an isolated incident at this point.  I purchased 2 boxes while in NC and both boxes had “less than perfect” waffles.  It seemed that I had to come close to over-toasting the waffles or toasting until they were “well done” in order to keep them from falling apart.  Not good. 

I didn’t see any information on the box or the website about a “new & improved” recipe or taste, so I don’t know that a recipe change is to blame.  I shot an email off to Van’s yesterday, so I will let you all know what I find out. 

Anyone else notice a difference with their Van’s gluten-free waffles? 

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