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Product Review: Boomi Bars & Lara Bars

I tried another wonderful gluten-free product from my care package on Sunday. I needed a portable snack to eat after I went to the gym and was watching Jon’s hockey game. I brought a Apricot Cashew Boomi Bar. What a nice treat! :) I am a huge fan of Lara Bars, so I figured that I would like the Boomi Bar as well. The Boomi Bar has whole cashew nuts in it, dried apricots, honey dates, crisped rice, amaranth, apples, natural apricot flavor & salt. It was really, really good. I gave my mother-in-law a bite and she was also pleased with the taste and texture. Not only are these bars gluten-free, but they are vegetarian too!

I would give these bars 5 stars. They are tasty and filling. I was intending on having a latte along with this and would call it breakfast since I was in a hurry, but ran out of time to grab my latte. I was satisfied for a few hours on just the bar! Great product. You can buy them online at Divine Foods, by the case (24) for $38.40 or at Amazon for $1.75/bar.

While I am on the subject of bars, let me sing the praises of my love, the Lara Bar. I can’t say enough good things about these bars. I have many favorites, but I think that Peanut Butter Cookie & Pecan Pie are tied for first place. I have yet to try the Chocolate Cherry or Chocolate Hazelnut, they are brand spankin’ new, but I can’t wait!!! YUM!!

Lara Bars ~ my favorites
1. Peanut Butter Cookie & Pecan Pie
2. Chocolate Coffee
3. Gingersnap
4. Cinnamon Roll
5. Chocolate

Rumor has it that Lara Bar is making a new bar, Jamfraka. I saw them a couple of times on other blogs, but couldn’t find any info on Lara Bars site. I hope to find them soon, as they are GF too!!!

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