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Do you shop with coupons?  I love coupons and believe it or not, my husband loves them even more than I do!  I especially like coupons for gluten-free products, as they tend to be more pricey than non-gluten-free products.  Lauren Lucielle, aka The Celiac Diva, just launched the Diva Coupon Book!  The Diva Coupon Book can save over $800 on online gluten-free products!

The book is a one time fee of $35 for a PDF file of coupon codes.  More info and FAQ:

How much does this cost? One time fee of $35

How much will buying the Diva Coupon Book save me? $800 if you use all the discounts

How many companies will I get discounts from? 20…See the list HERE

Are the companies all Gluten Free? YES…they are either Certified Gluten Free and or produced in a dedicated facility

How long are the discounts good for?   Discounts are valid until 4/30/13. Most coupon codes are valid over a period of 2-6 months. You do not have to use them immediately. Please see specifics of each discount HERE

How are the discounts delivered?  Once you purchase, you will receive a link upon checkout and via email to download a PDF file that will have all the discount codes.   Follow all the links in the file and enter the coupon codes upon checkout at each site.

Where can I use the discounts? Each discount is fulfilled at the online store of the participating brand.  All web links and coupon codes will be delivered to you in a PDF Download upon checkout and via email

Is Shipping included with these discounts?  We do have a few brands that will include Free Shipping and others that offer free shipping on certain amounts…please see the Coupon Book Details Page

Do I have to use all the codes at one time? NO…most codes are valid for a 2-6 month period.  See the specifics on each discount HERE

Unanswered Questions???…Please CONTACT US and we will answer them ASAP

The discounts are for the following companies:

To purchase the Diva Coupon Book, simply click here and follow the instructions.  Use code (GFLife5) to get $5.00 off of your coupon book!  The best part about this coupon book is that you can shop in the comfort of your own home!!

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