Great Deal!

I have all kinds of catching up to do from my vacation last week, but I need to share this first. As my miles are ramping up in my marathon training, I am really burning through my Clif Gel Shots quickly. I went through 4 on my 16 miler yesterday! At $1.19/each, that sure adds up. I looked on to see if I could get a deal and sure enough, I did!

For a box of 24 Clif Shots, I paid $15.88 = $.66/each!! That is just about half price! The list price is $18.68, but if you join the “subscribe & save” program, you get free shipping & an additional 15% off, making the order $15.35 with free shipping! There is no cost to join the program and you can choose the frequency of shipments. You can cancel at any time, so if you decide to never get another shipment, you just simply cancel your subscription.

Clif makes several gluten-free products:

If you are a runner or use the Clif Shots, don’t miss this deal!

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