Starbuck’s Clarification

There was some question about the dairy status of the Light Frappaccino mix brought up in the comment section of my post on Starbuck’s the other day. To get clarification, I emailed Starbuck’s and this is the response that I received:

Hello Kimberly,

Thank you for contacting Starbucks Coffee Company.

None of our Frappuccino bases contain dairy as an ingredient. However, the Light Frappuccino Syrup base contains a milk allergen warning on the label because dairy is used as a processing aid during manufacturing. There are no dairy proteins in the Light Frappuccino Syrup base.

There is gluten in the Coffee Light Frappuccino Syrup base. There is no gluten in the Coffee Frappuccino Syrup base and the Crème Frappuccino Syrup base.

If you have any further questions or concerns that I was unable to address, please feel free to let me know.

Warm Regards,

Jennifer I.
Customer Relations
Starbucks Coffee Company
800 23-LATTE (235-2883)
Monday through Friday, 5AM to 6PM (PST)

Just wanted to make sure that I pass along any information that I have.

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