Weekly Menu Plan – July 25, 2010

Hey guys! Hope you all had a good week last week. Some fun things are coming up here in the next week – I will have a post up tomorrow with the details! We have been spending a lot of time indoors – it is just too hot. Things are supposed to cool down some this week. The kids go back to school in one month. I need to start gathering supplies, having them try their clothes on, etc. Fun times!

This week’s menu:

Sunday – Leftovers – I had a gluten-free convenience meal that I am reviewing several of – watch for the review, it was good!

Monday -Fajitas/tacos, refried beans & salad

Tuesday – BBQ chicken breast, volcano rice, green beans & salad

Wednesday- Burgers (veggie burgers), cheesy chili potatoes, zucchini & salad

Thursday-Roasted veggie (chicken) stir fry using a teriyaki sauce over rice, broccoli & salad

Friday – Pizza bagels (Udi’s – my fav) and salad

Saturday-leftovers or out

Baked Goods

Blueberry scones



Week in review:

Debole’s recalls gluten-free pasta

Raisin Rack is carrying Rudi’s gluten-free bread

Great Harvest Bread in Columbus/Upper Arlington is carrying gluten-free bread

Take advantage of P.F. Chang’s free lettuce wraps for another 6 days!

I reviewed Lotus Foods exotic rice

I made caprese turkey burgers

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