Want vs. Should

I do my best to try to satisfy my cravings, within reason, to prevent feelings of negativity.  I find that when I deny my body something that it wants, it isn’t always a good thing, as my body may want/crave it for a good reason.  That reason may simply be that I want chocolate or that I am craving a burger because my body needs the iron in the bison or the beef.  Whatever that reason is, I try to honor it. 

I find it harder to do that during training for a marathon or half marathon.  Reason is that there are things I “should” be eating during training in addition to those cravings.  For instance, one Saturday I just wasn’t hungry, but knew that I should eat.  I just wanted a bowl of cereal, but knew that wouldn’t provide the macronutrients that I needed to refuel & fuel my body for my next run.  I compromised & had a small bowl of cereal for a snack & a more substantial dinner than I was planning on. 

I try not to place limits on food or make rules regarding food.  When I am told (or tell myself) not to eat something, it only makes me want to eat said food even more.  Gluten is a good example.  I didn’t really eat Pop-Tarts before, but take them away from me and I am suddenly wanting to buy a box. 

If I want to mix foods together, I do.  People may look at me funny, but it won’t be the first time and I am sure it won’t be the last.  Winking smile  Check out my latest creation that I made last week:


I couldn’t decide what I wanted to eat and we had ham & mashed potatoes leftover, so I tossed my ham & mashed potatoes onto my salad!  LOL!  It ended up being really, really good!  I also had some roasted beats, feta cheese and steamed green beans in the mix.  I may even have this again sometime soon! 

There are also those times that I must have chocolate for breakfastWinking smile

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