Weekly Menu Plan–February 26, 2012

Can you believe that February is almost over?  I can’t.  Hockey season has ended and we get a chance to breathe.  It will be nice to have our weekdays settle down just a bit for a while.  Hopefully this gives me more time to study, too. 

This week I spent close to $200 at the grocery store, which is almost twice what I normally spend.  We were low on all kinds of things from hand soap to meat, like chicken & pork, so it was time to stock up. 

Sunday – Chipotle after yoga.  Seems funny since I just went to the grocery store, but it is more of a time issue

Monday – Shrimp scampi over gluten-free pasta, broccoli and salad

Tuesday – Bean & cheese burritos and salad (parent teacher conferences)

Wednesday – Bourbon Chicken, brown rice, green beans & salad

Thursday – BBQ pulled pork, sweet potato puffs and salad

Friday – Make your own pizza and salad

Saturday – Breakfast for dinner (omelettes or Belgian waffles)

Week in Review:

Bakery on Main is now certified non-GMO

Review: Lifeway BioKefir

BBQ Salmon Quinoa Bowl

How to tell if Drugs are Gluten-Free

Women & Hearth Health <—– If you are a woman, please take the time to read this

Hope you all have a great week!!  Don’t forget about Leap Day on Wednesday! 

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