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Tuesday Tidbits

Welcome to Tuesday!  What are you doing today?  I am ready to make Tuesday a great day!  I have a couple of exciting things to share with you, so let’s get right down to it.

First, So Lucky Gifts has relaunched their blog: Inner Circle Chic.  The blog is a great resource for all things gluten-free, including an awesome giveaway running now!  I love that this company is run by three women and I love their blog line:

three friends on a journey…eating, living and building a business together gluten-free


Aren’t they gorgeous?  If you are looking for a great gluten-free gift for a friend, family member or someone recently diagnosed with Celiac Disease, you can’t find a better way to make them smile than by sending them a package from So Lucky Gifts.  Check out my review on the So Lucky Active Box.

Last night was a crazy busy night.  Even though school hockey doesn’t officially start until November, there is a pre/post season team starting now.  Jon had practice and then a parent meeting took place right afterwards.  I dropped him at practice and headed to Trader Joe’s to pick up some gluten-free staples.  I knew that I needed to grab a quick bite to eat, so I stopped into Red Robin.  I used to be afraid to dine alone, but I actually enjoyed this alone time to finish reading The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks.  If you haven’t read this book, I highly recommend it, but I digress.  Even though Red Robin now offers gluten-free buns, I often opt to eat my burger protein-style.  I ordered a salad to start and then a turkey burger, protein-style, and steak fries.  My salad came out quickly, but my burger seemed to take forever.  I began to worry about getting back to the ice rink in time for the parent meeting and was relieved when my burger finally showed up.  The manager came over shortly after to apologize and explain what happened.

It seems that someone accidentally touched my food after touching a gluten bun and they re-made my whole meal to make sure that I was safe.  I was floored.  I applaud Red Robin Easton for a couple of reasons.  First, kudos for being aware that cross-contamination is a real issue.  Second, thank you for caring enough about my health to remake my food.  I can’t express enough how thankful I am for the awareness and dedication of Red Robin when it comes to allergens, and specifically this location.  Many restaurants wouldn’t have blinked if something like this would have taken place in their kitchen, let alone remake the food, and I may have never known unless I got sick.  I may have never have been able to pinpoint the cause, either. 

Have you encountered anything like this before?  I love to hear stories about restaurants really getting it. 

2 comments to Tuesday Tidbits

  • Red Robin is really good about food allergies. I had to send my burger back because it had tomato on it and the manager came out to apologize and comp our meal. A lot of places just pull the tomato off and try to give the food back to me.

  • Donna

    It's so good to hear a positive story about a restaurant! I'd love to eat our more but I've had many bad experiences. Maybe they are finally getting it. I like that the manager's are getting involved in special orders.

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