Simple Steak Salad

I have been participating in some evening exercise classes recently which makes my dinner time later than the rest of the family’s.  I can’t very well eat a full meal and then go run or to an intense exercise class.  I found what works best for me is to fuel before hand with a gluten-free bagel & peanut butter or a NuGO Dark protein bar. 

After my workout is over my new favorite way to refuel is with a simple steak salad.  I pre-slice lean steak and marinate in Kraft Tuscan House Italian dressing.  When I get home I simply toss the steak slices into a saute pan for a few minutes per side while I make my salad. 


I could make this process even faster if I prepared the salad before I went to my class, so all I would have to do once I got home is cook the steak.  Some of the other goodies I like to include in my salad:

  • avocado
  • walnuts
  • dried fruit (raisins)
  • cucumber
  • zucchini
  • grape tomatoes
  • radishes
  • snow peas

How do you manage fueling around dinner time workouts? 

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