The Biggest Loser – Gone Too Far?

I have been watching The Biggest Loser for years. I love watching the transformations that happen on the show. People who thought that they were hopeless, stuck and destined to be miserable get to the root of their issues and come out on the other side armed with tools to live a healthy life. 

As I was watching the finale last night, I saw something that made my heart drop. As the final member of the final three stepped out on stage, it was immediately clear that she had crossed over the line. Rachel didn’t look healthy and trim, she looked aged and dangerously thin. I say “dangerously thin” because while she may only be a few pounds underweight now, it is what is going on in her head that is the real danger. From what I can find online, Rachel is 5’4” and 105 pounds. The minimum someone her height should weigh is 108 pounds. The nature of the show, the winner having the largest percentage of weight loss, is such that the only way Rachel could win against the two other finalists, and the weight they lost, is to lose the amount of weight she lost and left her weighing only 105 pounds.  

If you watched, and saw the look on all three trainers faces, you know they were shocked at how Rachel looked, too. Where does the line get drawn? How much is too much? Should the winner be ineligible if they are underweight at the finale? 

I am not judging Rachel, I am genuinely concerned. Having struggled with anorexia for as long as I have, I understand how easy it is to fall into the patterns that can quickly turn dangerous. Just one more pound and I’ll stop. Just another mile and it’ll be enough. Just one more. 

Glutino Honey Mustard Pretzels GIveaway

It was just a couple of weeks ago when I shared my thoughts on the new gluten-free Honey Mustard Pretzels from Glutino. I am thrilled to announce that Glutino has graciously offered to give 5 lucky readers each a bag of the new pretzels!  How cool is that?

IMG 0850

All you have to do to enter to win is leave a comment below telling me what your favorite way to eat gluten-free pretzels is.  Do you like them alone, with a sandwich, dipped in something, in a mix with other crunchy snacks?  Please only leave 1 comment.  

I will choose a winner on Wednesday, February 5, 2014.  Good luck!  

Pot Roast – AKA Comfort Food City

It has been a long time since I have made a pot roast in this house. When Hannah was little, I would make it all of the time because it was easy to toss into the crock pot and forget about it for the rest of the day. After having it weekly for close to a year, the family grew tired of it and no one, except me, liked the potatoes and carrots cooked along with the roast in the pot.  

I bought a roast on sale to make a pot roast a few weeks back. When the kids and hubby first heard of my plan, they weren’t too pleased, but unless they want to make dinner themselves, they will eat what is served. In hopes of winning them over, I decided to cook only the roast in the crock pot and make mashed potatoes and steamed carrots to go on the side.  

I seasoned my roast with sea salt and pepper and browned on both side in a hot pan with a touch of olive oil.


After the roast is seared on both sides, simply place it in the crock pot into roughly 2 cups of liquid. This time I used Pacific Simply Stock (vegetable) + water, but I have used all water in the past.  


Cover the crock pot with a lid and resist the urge to peek! If you do want to add potatoes, carrots and/or onions, try doing so half way through the cooking time so they don’t get as mushy. Or, if you like them mushy, add right away. Cook for 8+ hours on low.  

This meal turned out just about perfect! Hannah wasn’t overly pleased when she found out what we were having, but she loves mashed potatoes, so I convinced her to dip her roast in the potatoes. She quickly became a fan! I paired my meal with a nice glass of cabernet and took my time savoring every bite. 

IMG 0960


Weekly Menu Plan – January 27, 2013

Welcome to the last week of January. I’d like to thank Mother Nature for reminding us it is winter.  I tolerate cold decently until it gets below 20.  After that, I whine and moan about cold toes and frozen noses. Tomorrow the wind chill is predicted to be -25 to -35  Sounds fun, huh?

IMG 0877

Pretty, but I am ready for some warmer temps.

The menu plan for this week:

Monday – Ribeye, baked potato and steamed broccoli

Tuesday – Pot roast, potatoes and carrots (crock pot)

Wednesday – Leftovers

Thursday – Chicken fettuccine Alfredo with salad

Friday – Make your own pizza night and salad

Saturday – Take-out

Week in Review:

GFCO: Recall of sorts on two Boulder Canyon products that contain malt vinegar.  Those products include MALT VINEGAR AND SEA SALT, WAVY POTATO CHIPS , KETTLE COOKED IN 100% AVOCADO OIL and MALT VINEGAR AND SEA SALT KETTLE CHIPS.

Review: Glutino Honey Mustard Pretzels

The Melting Pot – Gluten-Free Review

Chinese New Year recipes


Review: Glutino Honey Mustard Pretzels

Gluten-free pretzels are a staple in our house.  I have always loved pretzels, so when I first started the gluten-free diet, I was bummed that I either couldn’t find gluten-free pretzels or they were ridiculously expensive.

Glutino has several variety of gluten-free pretzels on the market, including Chocolate Covered, Yogurt Covered and Peppermint Yogurt Covered . The newest pretzel variety to join the Glutino family is the Honey Mustard variety.

IMG 0850

I used to love Honey Mustard pretzels and to be honest, I was just happy I could eat pretzels gluten-free, I didn’t think much about missing the Honey Mustard variety until I heard about these.

Glutino graciously sent me a bag to sample and I couldn’t wait to dive in.  They are every bit as good as I remember, if not better!  WOW…these pretzels have such a wonderful honey mustard flavor!

Ingredients: Corn starch, potato starch, rice flour, soluble corn fiber, palm oil, canola oil, honey mustard seasoning (sugar, onion powder, dextrose, salt, maltodextrin, hydrolyzed soy protein, prepared mustard (distilled vinegar, mustard seed, salt, turmeric), dry honey, citric acid, spice, vinegar solids, canola oil, torula yeast, turmeric extractives, tricalcium phosphate, acetic acid, natural flavor), sugar, cellulose gum, soy lecithin, yeast extract, sodium bicarbonate, sodium acid pyrophosphate, salt, citric acid. Contains soy.

These may be my new favorite snack! They are the perfect addition to a deli-style turkey and cheddar sandwich.  Glutino products can be purchased in grocery and health food stores across the US or online.

Have you tried the new Glutino Honey Mustard Pretzels?

*The product reviewed in this blog post was sent to me free of charge for review purposes.  The thoughts and opinions shared here are mine and have not been influenced by anyone or anything.  


I’m Back – Again!

This time, I mean it!  I dropped off my HP laptop and MacBook Air to Apple the other day to have the important data transferred to the MacBook.  The HP wasn’t playing nicely, so it took much longer than I thought.  That being said, it is all done now and I hope to get back to some sort of a blogging schedule.  Thank you for your patience, it is greatly appreciated.

I’ll leave you with a picture for “Wordless Wednesday”.

3D Valentines2014 Fr 933291

Review: Gigi’s Cupcakes

It was just last week that I learned about Gigi’s Cupcakes offering gluten-free cupcakes on Fridays. I quickly placed an order so that I would be able to pick them up on Friday and continue my birthday celebration.

IMG 0762

There are three different varieties of gluten-free cupcakes offered:

  • White Hot Chocolate
  • Birthday Surprise
  • Wedding Cake

When I went to pick up my cupcakes I was told that they could make any variety they had in the case gluten-free as long as that variety didn’t contain cookie dough or alcohol.

The cupcakes came packaged in this super-cute box:

IMG 0753

Both Jon and I quickly fell in love with these cupcakes! Aside from having more frosting than I like on my cupcakes, they were perfect in every other way. The cakes were moist, icing had a great flavor and no one would be the wiser if you didn’t tell them these were gluten-free.

Gigi’s Cupcakes has locations around the US. Gluten-free orders can be placed online or over the phone. Each Gigi’s location is individually owned, so if you have specific questions about the location closest to you, give them a call. Each gluten-free cupcake costs $3.25, which is the same price as the non-gluten-free cupcake.

Have you tried Gigi’s Cupcakes?  It is so nice to have this option right up the street from our house.


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I’m Back!!!

I promise I didn’t fall off the face of the earth.  The kids had an extended winter break thanks to Mother Nature and my computer has a mind of its own and only stays on for a short period of time, so I wasn’t able to blog like I would have liked to.  The kids are now back in school and I got a brand new MacBook (made the switch from PC…finally!), so things should be much better from here on out. 

2014-01-07 09.07.31

The reason the kids were out of school an extra couple of days.  BRR!  I never thought I would be happy to see the 20 and 30 degree temps return!

Today is my birthday (I share it with my Mom!), so I have been thinking about what kind of cake or treat I want to celebrate with.  I ordered a few cupcakes from Gigi’s Cupcakes, but can’t pick them up until tomorrow.  In the meantime, I may have to pick up a piece of flourless chocolate cake from Hyde Park.  If I wanted to take the time, I would make this Carrot Cake, but I am just not in the baking mood today. 

The NFCA has launched a new campaign for the new year called, “Take the Pledge”.  Please join me and educate, empower and advocate for Celiac Disease

Pledge Badge_200x200

End of the Year Thoughts

With the New Year right around the corner, I figured it was a good time for this post.  As many of you know, I have suffered on and off with anorexia for many years.  I believe that I am in a better place in my recovery now than I have ever been before.  I may have looked “well”, but we all know that appearances aren’t everything, right?  I had this feeling deep down that I wasn’t enough.  Enough what?

  • Fit enough
  • Skinny enough
  • Fast enough (running)
  • Organized enough
  • Clean enough (housework)
  • Mom enough (to my kids)
  • Wife enough (to my husband)

When I had those feelings, I always felt like I was scrambling.  Scrambling around to find the magic.  The magic that would make me enough.  The thing is…there is no magic.

I have worked for the past year with a therapist who specializes in eating disorders and with a dear friend who taught me how to separate the lies from the truth.  Those lies come from a couple of sources.  ED (name for that eating disorder voice) and Miss Perfectionist (the voice that is never satisfied).  Those voices spew lies and draw the focus away from what really matters…loving myself just the way I am, for who I am.  I know those voices will always been present, but today they are much quieter than they have ever been.

Everyone has a different trigger that gets those voices riled up.  For many, including me, it begins with changes that include rules, numbers and omission.  New Year’s Day brings all kinds of new goals, changes, ideas and how to finally be “enough”.  Thank goodness for that, right?  No, not right.  When I impose “rules” on myself I feel like I am being punished, like I did something wrong.  When that negative feeling rises up, it often knocks my confidence down a notch or two and allows those voices to get stronger.  The lies become plentiful, which opens the door for feeling like I am not enough.  I now know enough to put the brakes on before I get too far into that downward spiral.  I counter the lie with statements like, “I am enough” and “I am exactly who I am supposed to be”.  Saying those statements out loud, or to a dear friend is so liberating.

When it comes to food, ED likes to put his two cents in on a regular basis with lies like,  “This is too many calories” or “You shouldn’t be eating something like this”.  Those lies get louder if I omit a food or drink from my repertoire.  Sue Markovitch (dear friend, author and founder of Clear Rock Fitness) suggests adding as opposed to taking away (omitting).  Again, taking away feels like punishment, like I have done something wrong.  Adding something in…healthy choices like fresh fruits/veggies, water, a long walk, meditation, etc makes me feel so much better.  We all deserve to feel loved, so why continue treating ourselves like we aren’t good enough?

I focus on turning my negative thoughts into positive thoughts.  I treat myself the way I would treat a close friend.  I would never be so critical or judgmental of someone else, so why is it okay for me to talk to myself that way?  I lived for years believing that I had to weigh a certain number of pounds.  Don’t ask me where I got that number, I can’t tell you, but it was THE number.  I refuse to let a number rule my life or be my worth.  Letting go of the rules, the measurements and omissions takes away the power of ED and Miss Perfectionist.  It is harder for them to speak up when there is nothing to compare anything to.  I am who I am.

These past few weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas have been the proof to me that I am in a different (better) place.  In years past I would have been fretting and scrambling to the point of misery with all of the things I had to do, but hadn’t done yet.  This year was different.  Yes, there was still much to be done, but it didn’t affect me the same way.  I did what I could and accepted that it was my personal best.  You know what?  It was fine.  Actually, it was more than fine, it was glorious!  It turns out that I (ED and Miss Perfectionist) was the only one placing those unrealistic expectations on myself.  Going into 2014 I will continue to be kind to myself…I am worth it.