Happy Easter!

My kids are still in bed, can you believe it?  I expect it from the teenager, but Hannah is usually up at the crack of dawn.  Perhaps the Zyrtec she began taking this week is making her drowsy.  No complaints from me – a little extra quiet time to drink my coffee get some writing done is fine by me!

Since today is Easter, I thought I would share some links to gluten-free information on candy to make life a little easier should the kids (or adults) happen across some candy they are unsure of.

Though the following information may be included in the Hershey’s or MyGlutenFacts.com lists, I want to point it out:  Seasonal-shaped candies may not be gluten-free even though their normal-shaped versions are.  Please err on the side of caution – it isn’t worth getting sick.  Our motto is “When in doubt, go without!”

Our weekly menu plan:

Sunday – Glazed ham, garlic mashed potatoes, steamed fresh green beans & carrots and salad

Monday – Leftovers (I am sure we will have plenty)

Tuesday – Turkey tostadas, black beans, corn and salad

Wednesday – Shrimp scampi over gluten-free pasta, steamed broccoli and salad

Thursday – BBQ pulled pork sammies, sweet potato puffs, roasted zucchini and salad

Friday – Make your own pizza and salad

Saturday – First cookout of the year!  Burgers & grilled chicken (Aaron’s specialty), garlic rosemary roasted potatoes, baked beans, corn on the cob & salad

Baked Goods

New muffin mix for Jon (review to come soon)

Chai Scones (review to come soon)

Energy bars/bites (recipe to come soon)

What is your favorite Easter candy?  I love jelly beans – Gimbal’s are my current favorites – but chocolate, especially dark chocolate, is near and dear to my heart as well.  If you asked me to choose between the two, I might just have a nervous breakdown.  I don’t ever eat them together, though.  Ick!

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